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Aaron Eckhart.  (Well, Angus sighted.  I was concentrating on keeping my huge 8 1/2 month pregnant self from falling on the slick sidewalk.)

 Calvin Coolidge, the Cat

Matt.  And, yes, the shirt was awesome.  The minutes of the fanclub meeting were missing one crucial event, though.  Matt travels with an entourage just like old Phil Two in the movie.  Want proof?  Here’s the picture:

The Golden Age

Pictured (from left):  Matt, Cardinal I and Cardinal II
Yes, Matt does make the cardinal on the left carry his architecture sketches.  That’s just the way he rolls.

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Angus and I have been spending a ridiculous amount of time in these last few pre-baby weeks trying to get the apartment in tip-top shape for Sweet Pea*.  Baby clothes have been washed! Furniture has been moved! The Darjeeling Limited has been watched! A noticeable lack of deep-fat frying has taken place!  It’s thrilling down here in the Financial District of New York!  

However, we are a bit behind in some very important matters.  In other words, yes, Campagna crew, you are due an e-mail.  And, yes, blog-reading world at-large, you are all missing on your recommended dose of pointers to penguin cookie cutters because of our neglect of Dwyeropolis.  Please accept our sincere and heart-felt apologies.  It’s only temporarily slow here.  Promise.

*Well, that and also asking ourselves “what would Ron Paul do?” a dozen or so times a day.

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Great googly-moogly: Ron Paul fan fiction?

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In honor of the Yankees being eliminated from the 2007 post-season, I give you an even more embarrassing Yankees moment.  I’m about 80% sure that the loser in question is, in fact, me.

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Leslie Nielsen, a Deadwood alumna, curling, singing Canadian beavers…. what more could you want? Add it to your Netflix queue now.

ANGUS ADDS: Don’t forget about this, our latest in-the-theaters movie.  There was some dispute as to whether the, umm, overzealous use of voice-over was effective or not.  (I was fur it, Sarah was agin it.)  The way I see it, the charitable interpretation is that it was an interesting but not wholly successful attempt to make the movie as novel-like as possible.  (Ms. Zacharek, you say “watch a book on tape” like it’s a bad thing….)  The uncharitable interpretation is that it was the cinematic equivalent of a college paper that just consists of extensive block quotes from the secondary sources … you don’t really understand the subject and lack confidence in your ability to say anything interesting about it, so you just string together the words of people who do and hope it adds up to something in the end.*  Being, or at least desiring to be, a charitable person, I opt for the former.  Also, the movie’s extremely strong visuals left me generally favorably disposed to the whole enterprise, and more willing to give the benefit of the doubt.   (I can’t help it!  I’m a man, I’m visual by nature!)

* Not that I ever wrote a paper like that, of course.

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Blogroll call

Just like in school, if you’re not here, say “absent.”

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