Doctor’s orders

Ben, if his runny nose [see below] clears up, has been given the “all clear” for trick-or-treating.  This makes his parents super happy since he isn’t exactly going to be eating the candy he  weasels out of neighbors merits by being so cute.

No.  Really.

Ben sniffles for the doctor

He is, as you might be able to tell, under the weather.  Nothing serious (just the sniffles) so don’t worry.  His peer group is certainly jealous of these numbers:

Height: 33 in.  (94th percentile)

Weight:  23 lb. 3 oz. (30th percentile)

Head circumference: 49 cm (93rd percentile)

The worst part?  He uses that head of his as a weapon.  I had a pretty nasty bruise on my temple after a good-night kiss that didn’t quite go as planned.

Bonus Pru in Rangers gear!


One of only two kids east of the Mississippi rooting for the Rangers

For those keeping score

Ben had his well-baby visit for 12 months this morning. He was a total sweetheart to the nurse and, for the first time, allowed her to get a real, honest-to-God measurement of his head. (He was also a total show-off and stood on the adult scale when it was time to get a weight.) Things look good so far – no allergies or illnesses or weird growths – so you won’t hear us complaining.

Still has a big head

Why is the bunny looking at me like that?

Weight: 23 lbs. (50th percentile)
Height: 31.5 in. (89th percentile)
Head circumference: 49 cm (91st percentile)

… we’re still waiting for the “made glorious” part.

Doctor's orders

Long eyelashes don't, apparently, protect against the common cold

Ben and Pru (and at least one of their parents) are sick with the winter cold that just won’t die.  It’s not terrible, but it is annoying enough to keep all of us up and to make sleep hard to catch.  (Let me editorialize here and say, “Boooo!”)

This morning, Ben went to the doctor for his 6-month check-up.  All’s well for our boy besides the cold.  Stats for those keeping score:

Weight:  17 lb. 14 oz. (50th percentile)

Length:  28 in. (91st percentile)

Head circumference :  44.5 cm (75th percentile)

Mean Median Mode

Ben had his 2 month checkup last week. He’s healthy as a clam, and took his vaccinations like a man.

His metrics reveal him to be an almost perfectly average little man:

Height: 23 inches (50th %)

Weight: 12 lb. 2 oz (55th %)

Head: 40.5 cm (50th %)

Close readers of the blog will recall that his sister at this age had a similar weight percentile, but she only got there by balancing out her ginormous head and diminutive body.  Ben is of more… usual proportions.

Happy baby after the break:

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How’s Ben?

He’s fine. I find it harder to blog about Ben than Pru at this stage, because she’s doing stuff, having all manner of toddler misadventures, whereas he’s still in the adorable blob area: he sleeps, he cries, he cuddles, he eats, he … anti-eats. All of it adorable, none of it notable. He’s as bad as his sister was about needing to be held constantly when awake; he naps during the day pretty well but sleeps less soundly than Pru did at this point and is much harder to get back down when he wakes.

I’ll try to keep my newly revitalized blogging equally balanced, but it’ll take some effort. How much?

Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much:

…heavy use of our “Kung Fu Panda” DVD. Pru’s probably seen it over 100 times since we bought the DVDs in the Spring, almost entirely of her own volition. She knows the story by heart, laughs at appropriate (and inappropriate) times, and can successfully identify the protagonist as a “cat” (close) named “Po” (bullseye).

With that in mind, we leapt at our chance to take her to a free showing of “KFP” at the multiplex at one of the local malls today. Our previous attempt to see a movie with her in the theaters, going to see “Be Kind Rewind” with Matt Alderman when she was about 3 months, had been a total disaster, and though she’d been good at our visits to the drive-in earlier this summer (we saw “Night at the Museum II” and “Up”) she seemed to appreciate them more as opportunities to bounce around the back seat and trunk of the car in her PJs than as cinematic experiences. We figured that if there were any circumstance that would constitute “ideal conditions” to try to re-introduce theater movie-going, this was it: a movie she was intimately familiar with and loved, an audience filled with other kids who would be forgiving of slight noisiness on her part, and a price tag that would make bailing easy if things went south.

So we headed out…

…and things were, actually, a decent success. She seemed to understand why we were there, since she repeatedly pointed at the screen during the oh-so-challenging pre-movie trivia and said “Po, Po.” And she was quite well-behaved during the first two fifths of the movie, paying attention and snacking on our small popcorn (which was gigantic! I understand why the large sizes are so oversized, but is it really necessary for me to be unable to purchase a bag of popcorn that doesn’t also double as a hat?). After Zheng’s visit to Chor Gom prison, Pru started to get a little restless, chiefly I think because she started seeing other kids get up for bathroom breaks and assumed that it was OK to just kind of wander around the theater (in the same way that she can play with blocks or walk around when watching “KFP” at home). So we had a couple of walking sessions after that, but each time she got it out of her system pretty quickly and returned to her seat without protest.

In sum, she’s not afraid of movie theaters now, and isn’t too bad about behaving herself. Does this mean “Ponyo” is in our future?

Video Magic

I’m not saying that there are a ton of new videos up at PruTube but I am linking.

This has probably been brought to all of your attention already, but just in case you missed it somehow: Dwyeropolis has welcomed its newest member.

Sarah gave birth to our son, Benedict Ambrose Dwyer, just under two weeks ago, July 28, 2009.

At birth, Ben (or “Bender,” as he’s known around these parts) was 21 inches long and weighed in at 8 pounds, 4 ounces (almost too heavy for the newborns wrestling weight class). By his first official pediatrician’s visit last week, he’d grown an inch and had regained most of the “freshman 8 oz.” that the kids typically lose these days. A strong, healthy boy, who’s only real vice is that he snores at night. Just a little.

We apologize for not doing more posting to the blog. We’ll try to correct that going forward, for those not also following us on Ye Facebooke. In the unlikely event that we’re still not great about updating, all of the photos of Ben, Pru and the rest will be uploaded to our Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dwyeropolis/

To tide you over in the meantime, assorted pictures of Ben and his happy family:

New PruTube

There are several new videos up on Prutube.  They document Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the holidays in between (and a few that happen after as well).  We are quite behind in our documentary updates, clearly.   Happy viewing!

Bill of Good Health

Pru had a check up this morning.  Everything went smoothly aside from the measurement-taking and the vaccination-giving.   Fortunately, cookies still work as a ameliorative gesture:

Pru decides innoculations are a fair trade for Nilla wafers

Pru decides inoculations are a fair trade for Nilla wafers

Pictures are nice but we know why you are all here — you want measurements.  Without delay:

Height: 32.0  in (90th percentile)
Weight:  22 lb 14 oz (50th percentile)
Head circumference:   47.5 cm (90th percentile)