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Swap Meet

Our little girl, she is no longer quite so little.   She’s gone and outgrown her size one diapers and now takes a stylish size two.  Unfortunately, she decided to do this before she’d actually used up all her size ones.  (We buy them in bulk off the internet.)  I’d feel a little wasteful just throwing them away, so if you think you have any use for 20-odd size one Seventh Generation Bleach-Free* diapers, drop us a line.  Otherwise I guess we’ll just store them for use the next time around.  Or maybe some kind of crafts project!

*Don’t worry, we haven’t gone all environmental on you or anything.  It’s just that non-hippie diapers all come emblazoned with Disney or Sesame Street characters, and as you know, we’re a Veggietales family.  If they strapped Archibald Asparagus on a diaper, I’d buy it, even if it were coated in strychnine and made from baby harbor seal pelts.

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Con-artist woman reportedly has ten husbands.

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It’s Got What Plants Crave!

Coming soon for sale: Brawndo, the Thirst Mutilator! It sounds gross beyond measure, but I may have to pick up one or two to keep with the can of Buzz Cola I bought around the time of the Simpsons Movie. One must maintain one’s collection of fictional beverages. h/t: Steve Sailer

By the way, if you’ve never seen Idiocracy, you’re cheating yourself, and should be ashamed. I know I’m ashamed of you for you.

Please be aware that both the Brawndo ad and Idiocracy contain some strong language and are at least potentially not safe for work. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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EDD +5

Sweet Pea is still hanging out in the womb, but on the plus side, she’s healthy. Her heartbeat’s nice and regular, she practicing breathing, she’s about 7 lbs 11 oz (give or take 30%). She doesn’t realize it yet, but she’s only got about 2 more days of freeloading before we start eviction proceedings.

In the meantime, we took in Noah Baumbach’s latest, Margot at the Wedding, at the Angelika. We thought it was well acted and the dialog was good, but that the plot was a little slack (if they’d jettisoned a couple scenes and at least one plot thread, it would have worked a lot better). It was nice and bleak, though.

Also, I’d like to retract all prior statements critical of the new Wendy’s Baconator. It’s actually a pretty tasty sandwich.

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EDD +4

Still no sign of Sweet Pea. At this point, I almost hope she holds out another day, so we can see an early showing of Margot at the Wedding tomorrow. Sarah, of course, may disagree.

In other news, today is my last day at work until mid-January. Yay, generous paternity leave policies and prudent use of vacation days!

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Aaron Eckhart.  (Well, Angus sighted.  I was concentrating on keeping my huge 8 1/2 month pregnant self from falling on the slick sidewalk.)

 Calvin Coolidge, the Cat

Matt.  And, yes, the shirt was awesome.  The minutes of the fanclub meeting were missing one crucial event, though.  Matt travels with an entourage just like old Phil Two in the movie.  Want proof?  Here’s the picture:

The Golden Age

Pictured (from left):  Matt, Cardinal I and Cardinal II
Yes, Matt does make the cardinal on the left carry his architecture sketches.  That’s just the way he rolls.

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Angus and I have been spending a ridiculous amount of time in these last few pre-baby weeks trying to get the apartment in tip-top shape for Sweet Pea*.  Baby clothes have been washed! Furniture has been moved! The Darjeeling Limited has been watched! A noticeable lack of deep-fat frying has taken place!  It’s thrilling down here in the Financial District of New York!  

However, we are a bit behind in some very important matters.  In other words, yes, Campagna crew, you are due an e-mail.  And, yes, blog-reading world at-large, you are all missing on your recommended dose of pointers to penguin cookie cutters because of our neglect of Dwyeropolis.  Please accept our sincere and heart-felt apologies.  It’s only temporarily slow here.  Promise.

*Well, that and also asking ourselves “what would Ron Paul do?” a dozen or so times a day.

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