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Swap Meet

Our little girl, she is no longer quite so little.   She’s gone and outgrown her size one diapers and now takes a stylish size two.  Unfortunately, she decided to do this before she’d actually used up all her size ones.  (We buy them in bulk off the internet.)  I’d feel a little wasteful just throwing them away, so if you think you have any use for 20-odd size one Seventh Generation Bleach-Free* diapers, drop us a line.  Otherwise I guess we’ll just store them for use the next time around.  Or maybe some kind of crafts project!

*Don’t worry, we haven’t gone all environmental on you or anything.  It’s just that non-hippie diapers all come emblazoned with Disney or Sesame Street characters, and as you know, we’re a Veggietales family.  If they strapped Archibald Asparagus on a diaper, I’d buy it, even if it were coated in strychnine and made from baby harbor seal pelts.

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