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Under that band-aid is the proof that Pru is officially done with her first real battery of vaccinations.  Sure, sure we could have relied on the actions of others but we’re weak-willed on top of being rational actors.  Plus, what if we move to a colony of Christian Scientists and there is a Diphtheria outbreak?  Pru just isn’t sold on the ontology of the Eddy crowd.

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Top 5 Grams, inspired by John McCain’s South Carolina primary speech:

1.  Graham crackers
2.  Phil Gramm
3.  Graham Norwood
4.  Graham Greene
5.  Teddy Grahams?  Lindsey Graham? 21 Grams? Gram, 8th King of Rohan?

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Cover girl

Pru, in a continuation of the series Famous Poses of Great Figures in History (which Great Uncle Phil noted the start of in utero) has added Abraham Lincoln to her repertoire:
Pru being a Yankee

We’re just hoping she doesn’t learn to smirk while doing it, frankly.

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Bad napper no more!

As the blog may or may not have led you to believe, our Sweet Pea is not the world’s greatest capitalizer on the opportunity for naps. Up until today she just wouldn’t sleep during the day unless someone was holding her, preferably while they were standing upright. This was never the ideal situation, of course, but her parents were pretty indulgent because
a) she’s a cutie
b) they like not hearing their daughter scream.

Today, Angus’s paternity leave ended and Pru celebrated by taking a proper nap. Sure it wasn’t in her bed, but was a start. Mother is going to say a few prayers of thanksgiving now.

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Numeracy Dawns

It’s beginning to occur to me that I’m probably not on the verge of winning the lottery.

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Pru has been ill – congested, coughing – most of the week.  I guess Nietzsche was right:  Christianity does weaken you.

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Pru was baptized on Sunday (Epiphany) afternoon at our parish just after the noon Mass. We were touched that so many family, friends and blogging notables were able to be in attendance. She was angelic almost the whole time (even during a pretty extensive photo session afterwards) and quickly calmed down when she became agitated. It was a beautiful event. Grandpa Shields was kind enough to record the ceremony on his digital camera:

Obviously, we were a bit… occupied… during the baptism itself and didn’t take photographs of our own (though Aunt NELLIE did a great job with our camera) so consider this a call for photos if you took any. We’d love to see what you captured.

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Spare Some Change?

Having watched one and a half debates tonight, I’m pretty much OD’d on change.  Romney believes in change.  Huckabee believes in change.  Obama believes in change.  Edwards believes in change, and believes that Obama believes in change.  Hilary has fought for change for 35 years.  Richardson “loves” change…  If I may quote Bank of America:  keep the change.

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While watching coverage of the Iowa caucuses:

Guy running a caucus:  “Alright everybody, now we’re going to break up into our preference groups”
Angus (using his Zapp Brannigan voice):  “…our sexual preference groups?”
Sarah:  “I thought he said breakfast groups.”
Angus:  “… our sexual breakfast groups?”

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What Would Samuel Gompers Do?

A brief foray into politics: Am I the only one who thinks there’s something slightly incongruous about the fact that Huckabee, the erstwhile champion of downscale and working-class Republican voters, is spending the night before the Iowa Caucuses crossing a picket line? I mean, I know the Writers’ Guild isn’t exactly the United Mine Workers, but still.

UPDATE: It seems that Huckabee didn’t realize he’d be crossing a picket line, thinking that Leno, like Letterman, had cut a separate deal with the Writers’ Guild. (Letterman, who owns his own show, can do this; NBC owns the Tonight Show, so Leno can’t cut his own deal.) Just more evidence that, his enormous skills as a retail politician notwithstanding, Huckabee isn’t ready for primetime. Or late night, for that matter.

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