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We *may* have spent part of the day yesterday (when the ice giant Ymir visited Albany and bedecked the land with a frosty dollop, leaving us trapped inside, huddling together for warmth) unwrapping Christmas presents early.  We did this because (a) it doesn’t make much sense to drag everything down with us to Rhode Island, where we’ll be spending “calendrical Christmas,” just to have to port it back with us; (b) Pru had already partially unwrapped most of the presents, anyway; and (c) I have very poor impulse control.  Photos of our premature Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Saturnalia can be found here.

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Clunky but Cool

Has any three-word phrase ever so perfectly encapsulated a man?

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A friend from college (who now has her own blog, by the way) chided me, ever so gently, to update my blog more often.  So, here you go, Windy.  😉

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