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A friend from college (who now has her own blog, by the way) chided me, ever so gently, to update my blog more often.  So, here you go, Windy.  😉

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Yesterday at 5:02 pm this humble blog was visited (via a link in the Shrine of the Holy Whapping comments section) by someone with an IP address in scenic Sugar Land, Texas.  Could it be … the Hammer?  Every problem has been looking like a nail today.

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… so that means:  BLOG PARTY!!

Prior to Pru’s being born and our getting married, much of any given day could be spent composing blog posts in my head.  I could roll around a phrase until it was polished enough for public consumption.  I was able to really work through an assertion and get a final product that I was fairly confident would stand the critical eye of the hoards of people who frequented AGoCh.  I could actually sit down and read Latin.  It was a beautiful time for prose, really. 

After Pru, however, my thoughts have been composed of lists of things I do/don’t want Pru to do.  Samples from the last few days:

A List of Professions We Don’t Want Pru to Consider When She Grows Up:

  1. Thief
  2. Porn star
  3. Welfare Queen
  4. Contract killer
  5. Lawyer


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First Human-Generated Post

I’m tired of having the only post on our blog be the one that WordPress automatically generated when we created the darn thing.  I want genuine human-created content!  And so, here you go.

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