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Last Sunday was our one-year anniversary. It’s hard to fathom its already been a year…. On the one hand, I can barely remember life without Sarah; on the other, it feels like we were just hand-sewing our bedroom curtain (one of our zanier honeymoon activities) to keep the guys in the parking lot across the street from being able to see in the window. Maybe I just have a really bad memory and/or sense of time.

Anyway, our anniversary was very nice. First off, I didn’t have to work, which was nice (and, lately, unusual). After Mass, we went to the South Street Seaport (now a mall, rather than a mob-run fish market) where we had delicious Nathans Famous hot dogs for lunch (never let it be said I don’t buy her nice things).

On our way back, we passed a little tchotchke cart where they were selling pencils with little wooden animals instead of erasers. I spied, with my little eye, a penguin pencil, and since it was our “paper” anniversary, and my bride is dangerously obsessed with penguins, I leapt at the chance. (Also, the anniversary gift I’d gotten her hadn’t arrived yet [indeed, it still hasn’t … ]) So, we got the penguin pencil, and since there was a price break at three we got a monkey and an elephant, too. (Ahh, Zoidberg, at last you’re becoming a crafty consumer!)

After that, we went back home and watched that classic paean to marital love, Woyzeck. We were on a bit of a Klaus Kinski kick for a while, but that’s thankfully cleared up. I’d planned that we would have a big steak dinner at Harry’s (our friendly neighborhood steakhouse), but had neglected to make reservations, or even make sure they were open on Sundays. And, indeed, they were not. (Have I mentioned that I’m the world’s greatest husband?) So, after some hemming and hawing, we went to our old standby, Jackson Hole, where we had a colossal hamburger and a ginormous chicken sandwich, respectively. Then, on a whim, we caught Superbad at a nearby theater. (Sarah is almost penguin-level obsessed with Michael Cera; I just wanted to see the movie so I could say stupid things like “It was good, but it needed more Korsmo.”) Then, tired but flush with cash from having not spent $100 on steaks, we took a cab home. And that’s all I’m going to say about the rest of our evening, this being a family-oriented blog.

Well, there you have it: this blog’s first genuine, substantive post. I promise this space will eventually be mostly cute baby photos (and maybe some recipes). In the meantime, I’ll try to avoid inflicting too many solipsistic blow-by-blows of my days on you. Not that hard, mind you, but I’ll try.

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