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<Professional opinion tempered with Charity>

The general consensus is that the music for the Papal Mass in D.C. was pretty awful. I will say only two things:

1) Everyone seemed to understood that the penultimate measure in the “gathering hymn” (Lasst uns erfreuen) had three beats (6, if you subdivide) just like the rest of the hymn.  Good for them.

2) It wasn’t so bad that Pru couldn’t sleep through it.

Good for Pru

</Professional opinion tempered with Charity>

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… so that means:  BLOG PARTY!!

Prior to Pru’s being born and our getting married, much of any given day could be spent composing blog posts in my head.  I could roll around a phrase until it was polished enough for public consumption.  I was able to really work through an assertion and get a final product that I was fairly confident would stand the critical eye of the hoards of people who frequented AGoCh.  I could actually sit down and read Latin.  It was a beautiful time for prose, really. 

After Pru, however, my thoughts have been composed of lists of things I do/don’t want Pru to do.  Samples from the last few days:

A List of Professions We Don’t Want Pru to Consider When She Grows Up:

  1. Thief
  2. Porn star
  3. Welfare Queen
  4. Contract killer
  5. Lawyer


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Under that band-aid is the proof that Pru is officially done with her first real battery of vaccinations.  Sure, sure we could have relied on the actions of others but we’re weak-willed on top of being rational actors.  Plus, what if we move to a colony of Christian Scientists and there is a Diphtheria outbreak?  Pru just isn’t sold on the ontology of the Eddy crowd.

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Bad napper no more!

As the blog may or may not have led you to believe, our Sweet Pea is not the world’s greatest capitalizer on the opportunity for naps. Up until today she just wouldn’t sleep during the day unless someone was holding her, preferably while they were standing upright. This was never the ideal situation, of course, but her parents were pretty indulgent because
a) she’s a cutie
b) they like not hearing their daughter scream.

Today, Angus’s paternity leave ended and Pru celebrated by taking a proper nap. Sure it wasn’t in her bed, but was a start. Mother is going to say a few prayers of thanksgiving now.

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Some people (notably people who don’t have infants at home themselves) have politely requested more posting.  We admit posting has been light, chiefly because a certain denizen of Dwyeropolis hasn’t been doing much of this lately:

And of course, when the baby doesn’t sleep (or, more to the point, doesn’t sleep unless she’s being gently cradled in the arms of one of her parents as she paces quietly about a dimly lit living room) we don’t sleep.  And when we don’t sleep, taking cute pictures of the baby and posting them online with witty anecdotes takes a back burner to not going on shooting rampages.


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Pru has been quite a handful over the last week.  Literally.  She’s going through a phase where during the day and during much of the night she won’t sleep unless she’s being held.  Needless to say, this complicates things like blogging, emailing, cooking, cleaning, and shopping for and wrapping Christmas presents significantly.  We’ve more or less taken to eating in shifts, for example.

I’m not sure what the cause of this change is (when she was newly home, she slept all day long, and was relatively content to just lay in her crib even when she was awake so long as she wasn’t hungry or needing a change).  I suspect it’s partially developmental – she’s presumably been going through her three-week growth spurt, which apparently increases discomfort and fussiness in infants.  It’s also probably partially environmental – the heater in the bedroom stopped producing hot air about two and a half weeks ago, which made it very hard to keep her adequately warm.  The heater is heating again now, sort of, but only after a still-unfinished series of tragicomic misadventures, which I may describe in a subsequent post, tentatively titled “Why I Am Withholding Next Month’s Rent On The Basis of a Breach of The Implied Warranty of Habitability”; nevertheless, I think she’s come to associate being in her crib with being cold and uncomfortable.

Anyway, she’s asleep now, as is Sarah; I’m up early to run some “have to be done before 8:30 am” errands.  (Perhaps a nap this afternoon.)  Speaking of errands, I should be off, but so as to leave this post not a total bummer, I’ll pass on some cute pictures of the Pru-bear:


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