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To make it cool to be German again.

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Cal will be holding down the fort while Angus, Prudence, Petey the Penguin and I are at Yankee Stadium.   Knowing the Pope’s fondness for orange tabbies, it’s appropriate that he will be the one in the neighborhood when the Pope stops by later this morning. 

Pictures to follow.   

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<Professional opinion tempered with Charity>

The general consensus is that the music for the Papal Mass in D.C. was pretty awful. I will say only two things:

1) Everyone seemed to understood that the penultimate measure in the “gathering hymn” (Lasst uns erfreuen) had three beats (6, if you subdivide) just like the rest of the hymn.  Good for them.

2) It wasn’t so bad that Pru couldn’t sleep through it.

Good for Pru

</Professional opinion tempered with Charity>

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Dwyeropolis digest: 

We picked up our tickets to the Papal Mass in Yankee Stadium and have been busy trying to discourage Pru from putting them in her mouth. 

We made a very tasty classic Texan dinner:  chicken fried steak and Dr Pepper.

We did the laundry (and temporarily lost Cal in the process).

We cleaned the oven; it passed Cal’s inspection.

We saw the kneelerthat will be used when the Holy Father (Be-ne-dict X-V-I/Be-ne-dict, he’s our guy!) visits our neighborhood.

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Selected to show the new haircut promised here.

Pru wants to thank the Texas and New York Easter Bunnies for her Easter basket. Unfortunately for her, the recommended age for chocolate introduction is after 12 months. It’s OK, though, because Mom and Dad have her back.

More pictures from this morning after the break and at the Flikr site.


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Guess who has three tickets to the Papal Mass at Yankee Stadium on April 20?

Hint:  she likes standing up, sleep sacks and petting the cat.


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Pru was baptized on Sunday (Epiphany) afternoon at our parish just after the noon Mass. We were touched that so many family, friends and blogging notables were able to be in attendance. She was angelic almost the whole time (even during a pretty extensive photo session afterwards) and quickly calmed down when she became agitated. It was a beautiful event. Grandpa Shields was kind enough to record the ceremony on his digital camera:

Obviously, we were a bit… occupied… during the baptism itself and didn’t take photographs of our own (though Aunt NELLIE did a great job with our camera) so consider this a call for photos if you took any. We’d love to see what you captured.

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If you’re Catholic, be sure to get to Mass today – it’s the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which, because it’s the patronal feast of the United States, does not get moved to the nearest Sunday even when it falls on a Saturday. We just got back from Mass ourselves. It was Pru’s second visit, as we’d stopped by briefly this past week to drop off our tithes for the two weeks we missed and our RSVP (negative, alas) for the Christmas party. She’s not a Christian yet, so she technically doesn’t have to go, but Cal stubbornly refuses to babysit unless we let him raid the fridge and make long distance calls on the phone. We tell him we don’t have a land-line, but he won’t listen!

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Today is the feast of Sarah’s patron saint, St. Elizabeth of Hungary. (She was going to choose Pope St. Gregory the Great, the patron of music, students and teachers, but her CCD director in a weird combination of difference feminism and rigid adherence to traditional gender roles insisted she go with a female saint.)

Now, I’m not saying that causing the baby to come today would be a great way for someone to show that they have a lot of juice in the heavenly court, or that somebody might get some cool onomastico action if she made that happen…. Nope, not saying that at all….

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Aaron Eckhart.  (Well, Angus sighted.  I was concentrating on keeping my huge 8 1/2 month pregnant self from falling on the slick sidewalk.)

 Calvin Coolidge, the Cat

Matt.  And, yes, the shirt was awesome.  The minutes of the fanclub meeting were missing one crucial event, though.  Matt travels with an entourage just like old Phil Two in the movie.  Want proof?  Here’s the picture:

The Golden Age

Pictured (from left):  Matt, Cardinal I and Cardinal II
Yes, Matt does make the cardinal on the left carry his architecture sketches.  That’s just the way he rolls.

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