In Which I Am a Cliche

A note to all the would-be suburban dads out there:  when you go to explore a strange noise in your garage or basement or the like, where there’s a remote but actual possibility that you may be about to face down an intruder, don’t do what you’ve seen every TV or movie character do in similar circumstances  (when they don’t have a firearm or a baseball bat) and arm yourself with a large chef’s knife “just in case”.

The reasons are twofold:  one, you will feel ridiculously hackneyed, and two, even if there is an intruder, the knife will do you no good.  If the intruder has a gun, then you’ve literally brought a knife to a gunfight, which works about as well as the figure of speech suggests.  If the intruder is unarmed, the knife will be a hinderance you’ll have to discard, since you probably won’t want to stab an unarmed man (even if he is an intruder) in part because (depending on where you live) you probably don’t have the legal right to.  The knife only does you any good if you’re facing down an intruder armed with a knife (or some other non-firearm weapon – perhaps a mace, or a tree branch) but even then, the odds are good the intruder has better knife-fighting skills than you.  It’s just an incentives issue.

We *may* have spent part of the day yesterday (when the ice giant Ymir visited Albany and bedecked the land with a frosty dollop, leaving us trapped inside, huddling together for warmth) unwrapping Christmas presents early.  We did this because (a) it doesn’t make much sense to drag everything down with us to Rhode Island, where we’ll be spending “calendrical Christmas,” just to have to port it back with us; (b) Pru had already partially unwrapped most of the presents, anyway; and (c) I have very poor impulse control.  Photos of our premature Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Saturnalia can be found here.

Clunky but Cool

Has any three-word phrase ever so perfectly encapsulated a man?


A friend from college (who now has her own blog, by the way) chided me, ever so gently, to update my blog more often.  So, here you go, Windy.  😉

Doctor, Doctor

A check-up to start her second year?  No problem, Pru says.

Pru thinks that being one is fun

Pru thinks that being one is fun

Height: 30.0  in (73rd percentile)
Weight:  22 lb 10 oz (71st percentile)
Head circumference:   47 cm (90th percentile)

The Big Oh-One

Happy Birthday, Prudence!

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Halloween has come and gone, and Dwyeropolis is still laden-down with sweet, sweet candy.  We may have slightly overestimated the number of trick-or-treaters who would brighten (or darken?) our lintel.  And by “slightly”, I mean “by an order of magnitude”.  So, the bleak loneliness of my existence has been laid bare.  But on the plus side, more candy corn for me! I suppose that what you’re actually interested in is pictures of the Pru-bear in her Halloween costume, rather than my Werner Herzog-esque whining about the endless dissappointments that life brings our way.  And so, without da further a-do: Continue Reading »

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In case you’re curious, there’s a bumload of new videos up at the PruTube.

Happy 5/6 of a year, Pru!

As a gift, we gave Pru a visit to her new pediatrician.  We even threw in some vaccinations – for free!  We are generous and wonderful parents.  The relevant stats (and a picture or two) are below the fold:

One stick for the road

One stick for the road

Height: 30.25  inches (96th percentile)
Weight:  22 lb 14 oz (89th percentile)
Head circumference: 46 cm (87th percentile)

Pru spent the whole visit trying to pull the cotton ball out from beneath the bandaid.  She succeeded in getting long strands of cotton which she then daintily put into her mouth.  Her father was amused; her mother was disgusted.  I thought I left those things behind in Texas!

And a bonus, just for sitting through that really lame abstracted pun:

Shes a stander

She's a stander

An Apple A Day

Steer clear, pediatricians!