No Country for Old Men

Michael McDonald just performed “America the Beautiful” at the Democratic National Convention’s Barackopolis location.  I was going to make a comment about how odd it is that the convention nominating the candidate of “youth” and “change” would feature almost nothing but music and musicians from before I was born.  Instead, I’m just going to link to this.

Tap, tap, tap

Is this thing on?   Yes?  Good.

Just poking our heads in to say that our Albany relocation plan is thiiiiis close to being complete.  We’ve spent the last couple of days assembling Pru’s new (and first!) nursery.  Don’t worry – pictures and a fully staged room suitable for HGTV filming to come this weekend.

We’re liking things so far.  People are nice and neighborly, there’s a Wal-Mart and a Target right down the street, we have a pool… Nice, nice, nice.   Basically, Albany is a lot like Texas with nice weather and higher taxes.

The Beagles Have Landed

We have arrived in Rensselaer.  At the moment we’re just hanging out, waiting for the movers to catch up to us.  Cal is very fond of having an almost entirely carpeted living space, though his feelings towards the two flights of stairs are somewhat more mixed (as mine will no doubt be soon, once you-know-who really gets crawling).

Next Stop: Albany

We’re (mostly) packed and ready for the big move North.  Unfortunately, this means giving up the cable Internet connection.  Talk to you later!

Fun with Monopolies

Not so much fun: spending a half-hour in the automated customer service line with TimeWarner Cable, pressing the buttons I’m being instructed to press if I want to disconnect my service, only to get sent to the sales department, where I’m very politely told that they can’t help me but will connect me to the department that can.  By which they mean dumping me back into the automated system, where I again press the correct buttons and get sent to sales, where I’m again politely told that they can’t help but will connect me to the department that can, and so on.  After this happened three times, with yours truly offering increasingly desperate insistences that I *am* pressing the correct buttons and that just sending me back to the computer switchboard won’t help, I hang up and try the website, where my only option is to fill out a pretty generic inquiry form.  I’m told I should expect a response within 48 hours.

ConEd, at least, made it quite easy to discontinue my service.  So that’s something.

…but Texas wants her anyway.

Ready to depart for Pru’s first ever-trip to Texas.  It will be a three-way reunion:  Sarah’s 10th high school reunion, a Horney family reunion, and my long-awaited reunion with Whataburger.

Are we excited?

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Last stop for DTaP!

Last stop for DTaP!

For those of you keeping track, here are the scores from today’s 8-month check-up.

Height: 28.1  inches (90th percentile)
Weight:  19 lb 0 oz (75th percentile)
Head circumference: 44.9  cm (87th percentile)

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Pru Poll

Water will do that too ya

Does Pru look more like her mom or her dad here? Anyone?

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Away for the Day

In an hour or so, we’re off for Albany, to check out our new apartment and store some stuff (old baby clothes, etc) that we won’t need for the next few weeks.  If y’all are very, very good, there may be some pictures in it for you.  In the meantime, a very happy Venezuelan Independence Day to you all!

Red, White and Pru

Some Independence Day fun:

Visors are awesome.

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