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Milestone Alert:  Pru rolled over last night!  Not just once, but multiple times!  She went tummy to back.  She still can’t consistently do it every time she’s plopped on her belly, but it’s a good start.  She was kind enough to wait for daddy to get home from work before successfully rolling over, which was very sweet.

Hopefully we’ll get a video of her successfully rolling at some point, which we’ll post here.

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Swap Meet

Our little girl, she is no longer quite so little.   She’s gone and outgrown her size one diapers and now takes a stylish size two.  Unfortunately, she decided to do this before she’d actually used up all her size ones.  (We buy them in bulk off the internet.)  I’d feel a little wasteful just throwing them away, so if you think you have any use for 20-odd size one Seventh Generation Bleach-Free* diapers, drop us a line.  Otherwise I guess we’ll just store them for use the next time around.  Or maybe some kind of crafts project!

*Don’t worry, we haven’t gone all environmental on you or anything.  It’s just that non-hippie diapers all come emblazoned with Disney or Sesame Street characters, and as you know, we’re a Veggietales family.  If they strapped Archibald Asparagus on a diaper, I’d buy it, even if it were coated in strychnine and made from baby harbor seal pelts.

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