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Wow, he really drank her milkshake there, didn’t he?  Drank it right up.


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Because it won’t fit for much longer and it’s primary day:

Catch it before it leaves for Wyoming


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Given that today is both Super Tuesday and Mardi Gras, I wonder if there will be people outside our polling station handing out strands of beads and screaming “Show us your ballots!”

Hopefully, no.

Either way, this is just a friendly reminder that if you are a denizen of one of the bazillion states that hold primaries or caucuses today (viz., Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee,  Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois,  Minnesota, North Dakota, Oklahoma,  Colorado, Utah, Arizona,  California and Alaska, plus West Virginia and Montana if you’re a Republican and  Kansas, New Mexico and Idaho if you’re a Democrat) and you’re  properly registered to vote in your municipality, then  go vote.   It’s fun, and if your polling station has  old school voting machines it’s a great workout for your right bicep.

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Spare Some Change?

Having watched one and a half debates tonight, I’m pretty much OD’d on change.  Romney believes in change.  Huckabee believes in change.  Obama believes in change.  Edwards believes in change, and believes that Obama believes in change.  Hilary has fought for change for 35 years.  Richardson “loves” change…  If I may quote Bank of America:  keep the change.

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While watching coverage of the Iowa caucuses:

Guy running a caucus:  “Alright everybody, now we’re going to break up into our preference groups”
Angus (using his Zapp Brannigan voice):  “…our sexual preference groups?”
Sarah:  “I thought he said breakfast groups.”
Angus:  “… our sexual breakfast groups?”

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What Would Samuel Gompers Do?

A brief foray into politics: Am I the only one who thinks there’s something slightly incongruous about the fact that Huckabee, the erstwhile champion of downscale and working-class Republican voters, is spending the night before the Iowa Caucuses crossing a picket line? I mean, I know the Writers’ Guild isn’t exactly the United Mine Workers, but still.

UPDATE: It seems that Huckabee didn’t realize he’d be crossing a picket line, thinking that Leno, like Letterman, had cut a separate deal with the Writers’ Guild. (Letterman, who owns his own show, can do this; NBC owns the Tonight Show, so Leno can’t cut his own deal.) Just more evidence that, his enormous skills as a retail politician notwithstanding, Huckabee isn’t ready for primetime. Or late night, for that matter.

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When I was in high school, I helped my friend J.P. with his candidacy for student body president (ultimately unsuccessful, alas).  As part of the campaign, J.P. purchased a remote-controlled blimp (this model, as I recall)  on which the slogan “Vote J.P.” (or something to that effect) was emblazoned.  Campaign volunteers (i.e., guys from our dorm) flew the blimp in the dining hall at lunch and dinner to gin up support.  The blimp was enough (well, that and the fact that he was well known, popular, charming, and a two-sport captain) to get him past the first round and into the final three, who got to give speeches before the entire student body in the chapel before the final round of voting.  (Andover’s election rules were a weird amalgam of the state of Louisiana and Project Runway.)  The school had strict rules against the use of posters or props at the final speeches, but some unethical advisers* suggested the blimp be unleashed from the choir loft at the climax of the speech anyway.  It would be a dramatic finish, he was assured, that might put him over the top, and there was simply no way the school would invalidate his election just because he’d unleashed a blimp during the speeches.  Ethical to a fault, J.P. refused this advice and kept the blimp in its hangar.  To this day, part of me thinks he’d have won if he’d just busted out the damn blimp (though, with a little more maturity than I had at 17, I understand he was right to not use it).

Why do I tell this not-especially-interesting story from my past?  No reason. 

*OK, me.

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