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Today is the feast of Sarah’s patron saint, St. Elizabeth of Hungary. (She was going to choose Pope St. Gregory the Great, the patron of music, students and teachers, but her CCD director in a weird combination of difference feminism and rigid adherence to traditional gender roles insisted she go with a female saint.)

Now, I’m not saying that causing the baby to come today would be a great way for someone to show that they have a lot of juice in the heavenly court, or that somebody might get some cool onomastico action if she made that happen…. Nope, not saying that at all….

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EDD +5

Sweet Pea is still hanging out in the womb, but on the plus side, she’s healthy. Her heartbeat’s nice and regular, she practicing breathing, she’s about 7 lbs 11 oz (give or take 30%). She doesn’t realize it yet, but she’s only got about 2 more days of freeloading before we start eviction proceedings.

In the meantime, we took in Noah Baumbach’s latest, Margot at the Wedding, at the Angelika. We thought it was well acted and the dialog was good, but that the plot was a little slack (if they’d jettisoned a couple scenes and at least one plot thread, it would have worked a lot better). It was nice and bleak, though.

Also, I’d like to retract all prior statements critical of the new Wendy’s Baconator. It’s actually a pretty tasty sandwich.

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EDD +4

Still no sign of Sweet Pea. At this point, I almost hope she holds out another day, so we can see an early showing of Margot at the Wedding tomorrow. Sarah, of course, may disagree.

In other news, today is my last day at work until mid-January. Yay, generous paternity leave policies and prudent use of vacation days!

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EDD +3

Yesterday on our daily lunchtime constitutional, Sarah and I ran into a contingent of strikers from the Writers’ Guild.  They were picketing in Battery Park outside the Museum of the American Indian, neither of which as far as I know employs any members of the Guild, but I’m not an expert on unions or labor law so I’m sure this tactic makes sense somehow.

Anyway, inspired by their efforts, I decided to form my own union and try to obtain better working conditions.  As such, the International Brotherhood of Expectant Fathers, Local 406, (i.e., me) is now officially on strike from being Sweet Pea’s father-to-be.  The way I see it, we’ve been operating without a contract since last Sunday.  We refuse to perform any additional paternal duties until the other side at least comes to the negotiating table and agrees to start uterine contractions.  Binkies down means binkies down!

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EDD +2

Still no baby.  Sarah has an appointment with the obstetrician today, which will hopefully shed a little light on where things are.

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Sarah’s EDD (Nov. 11) has come and gone, and Sweet Pea is still in utero. If anyone knows any non-awful folk methods of inducing labor (yeah, I’m talking about you, castor oil) we’d love to hear them.

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I Can Die in Peace

Not only is there such a product as Bacon Salt, but there’s a Bacon Salt Blog.  I especially like how they recommend you nosh on some Creamy Bacon Salt Dip while preparing your Hannukah dinner.

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