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A question I’ve been pondering for a while: Where did the Romance languages get their articles?  They all have ’em, but Latin, the mother-tongue of the Romance family, emphatically does not.  Are they imports from the Germanic languages, brought in during the barbarian invasions?  Are they hold-overs from the earlier Celtic languages spoken in France, Spain and Northern Italy?  Were they given to them by the same alien race that built the pyramids?

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As promised, pictures

What does one wear to assist at a Mass celebrated by the Pope?

Check out those shoes!

Something super-cute, of course.  With special care to choose appropriate shoes.


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The Triplets of Bellville (2003): 1.5 stars.  Why is someone kidnapping France’s most mediocre cyclists?  The answer will interest you even less than the question!

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If I were in Rome, I wouldn’t be checking out little baby blogs*.   Pru, however, has a different message:

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Sarah and I just set up new cell phones. If you weren’t among the lucky elite already to have been notified with the new number(s) you should:

1) Spend the next 15 or so minutes feeling sorry for yourself
and then
2) Drop us an e-mail letting us know.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for response delivery.

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Top 5 Grams, inspired by John McCain’s South Carolina primary speech:

1.  Graham crackers
2.  Phil Gramm
3.  Graham Norwood
4.  Graham Greene
5.  Teddy Grahams?  Lindsey Graham? 21 Grams? Gram, 8th King of Rohan?

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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